9Z4BM Ham Radio Emergency Communications Activity

Introduction to My Emergency Comms. Activitites
Emergency Comms.2004 (Grenada /Hurricane Ivan)
Emergency Comms. 2005 (Pt. Coco-Cedros)
Emergency Comms 2006 (Matelot)
Emergency Comms. 2007 (Tobago)
Emergency Comms. 2008 (Emcomms Display)
Links To Emergency Type Antennas

Click on the pic below to goto my first website that has information on my ham radio activity.Or if you already came from that website continue browsing this website. Emergency Communication is what all Hams should familarise themselves with because of what is happening in the world today...

Trinidad & Tobago Amateur Radio Society (TTARS) has put together a group of Hams to assist in emergency communication if the need arises....This site has lots of pics on our activities as well as antenna info on emergency type antennas.


Just after our 2006 emergency comms. exercise I was able to buy the Yaesu FT 897D Transeiver....CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO TO THE INFO PAGE ON IT....It is really a great radio for portable and emergency type operations..

Yaesu FT 897D